Domestic conveyancing is carried out by Chris Stocker and Rowan Reavley who deal with property all over England and Wales. The department operates an 'open door' policy and clients can attend whenever it is convenient for them without making an appointment.

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible after you have decided to either buy or sell a property. We can then help to guide you through the complexity and confusion involved in buying and selling a property and give you independent advice in connection with surveys and valuations, mortgages, deposits, life assurance, estate agents and any number of other questions you may need dealt with.

We will advise from the inital stages of obtaining the title deeds and preparation of draft contract on your purchase or sale, to completing the transaction on the date when you move into your new home. After this we will of course deal with all the necessary stamping for the purchase deeds, registration of title, transfer in the case of leasehold properties and generally ensure that all the procedures are adhered to on your behalf.

Please telephone us on 01844 216995 for more information or alternatively you can complete this form to obtain an online quotation.

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